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Third Judicial District Court

The Third Judicial District Court is a state court of general jurisdiction located in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The Court encompasses the same geographic area as Dona Ana County. The Court has jurisdiction over criminal cases, domestic relations (divorce, child support and custody, domestic violence), probate cases, children's court (abuse and neglect of children, juvenile delinquency, adoptions) and all general civil cases (auto accidents, contract disputes, real property disputes, violation of civil rights). There are eight District Court Judges, one Child Support Hearing Officer and one part-time Domestic Violence Special Commissioner, who hear cases.

Verdicts and Rulings

Of the 35 total outcomes we are aware of for Third Judicial District Court, 24 (68%) were decided for plaintiffs and 11 (31%) were decided for the defense. We know of 28 jury trials, 4 bench trials, and 3 cases disposed of by motion.

Prevailing Parties (Jury)

District-wide versus State-Wide

Third Judicial District Court

Jury Verdicts

Out of 28 verdicts, 18 (64%) were for the plaintiff and 10 (35%) were for the defense. Prevailing plaintiffs were awarded punitives 66% of the time they asked for them (4/6), at a median ratio of 47.5 times compensatories.

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Current Judges

Note: Showing only judges who hear civil cases. Click "See all" below to see criminal, childrens, family court, and former judges.

Plaintiff Results
Defense Results
Percent for Plaintiff
Hon. Manuel Arrieta (01/16/09 — present)
Hon. Marci Beyer (12/01/12 — present)
Hon. Douglas Driggers (01/01/08 — present)
Hon. Darren Kugler (01/01/13 — present)
Hon. Fernando Macias (01/01/08 — present)
Hon. James Martin (07/01/05 — present)
Hon. Mary Rosner (01/01/13 — present)
Hon. Lisa Schultz (01/01/08 — present)

Former Judges

Hon. Graden Beal (06/01/91 — 06/26/99)
Hon. Stephen Bridgforth (08/19/99 — 01/01/11)
Hon. Michael T. Murphy (01/01/00 — 02/24/12)
Hon. Jacinto Palomino (02/02/11 — 12/31/12)
Hon. Robert E. Robles (01/01/90 — 10/01/08)
Hon. Jerald Valentine (01/01/93 — 12/31/10)


Year Affirmed Reversed Affirm in part and reverse in part Dismiss Other disposition Grant Deny Public censure Disposition unknown Total
1999 0
2009 0
2011 0
2012 0
2013 0
2014 0
2016 0
2018 0

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