New Mexico Law Firms

NMVerdicts tracks 77 New Mexico law firms.

Adam D. Rafkin, PC: 1 lawyers, 3 results.

Mr. Rafkin's firm is a solo practice.  He is a trial lawyer handling plaintiff's cases primarily in the areas of motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, and nursing home abuse.

medical malpractice plaintiffs nursing homes motor vehicle accidents
Albuquerque Business Law, P.C.: 1 lawyers, 1 results.

Albuquerque Business Law is an Albuquerque-based firm focused on helping businesses.

Allen, Shepherd, Lewis & Syra P.A.: 3 lawyers, 9 results.

Allen, Shepherd, Lewis & Syra is a primarily defense firm focused on general civil litgation, including employment law, insurance defense, construction defects, insurance law, and mediation.

defense insurance defense employment
Bardacke Allison LLP: 1 lawyers, 1 results.
Bauman, Dow & Stambaugh, P.C.: 2 lawyers, 2 results.

Bauman, Dow & Stambaugh provides litigation services in the areas of insurance bad faith, construction defects, consumer protection, commercial disputes, and personal injury.

Bencoe & LaCour Law, PC: 2 lawyers, 1 results.

Bencoe & LaCouer focuses exclusively on plaintiff's work for injured persons.

wrongful death medical malpractice plaintiffs
Bingham, Hurst & Apodaca, P.C.: 1 lawyers, 1 results.
Bleus & Associates, PC: 2 lawyers, 1 results.
Branch Law Firm: 1 lawyers, 3 results.

The Branch Law Firm has a civil law plaintiff's practice.

Bregman & Lohman, P.C.: 0 lawyers, 0 results.
Brennan & Sullivan: 4 lawyers, 5 results.

Brennan & Sullivan is an insurance defense/litigation firm. Its areas of practice are general liability, products liability, professional liability, including legal malpractice and errors and omissions, governmental and municipal liability, civil rights, law enforcement employment and workers' compensation. It handles all aspects of insurance coverage. 

Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, LLP: 2 lawyers, 2 results.
Business Law Southwest: 1 lawyers, 1 results.
Butt Thorton Baehr: 8 lawyers, 10 results.

BTB's practice is concentrated in defending claims in the areas of personal injury, aviation, products liability, insurance, workers' compensation, transportation, professional malpractice, construction and civil rights. BTB's commercial section also serves clients in the areas of banking, bonds, corporations, partnerships, mortgage financing, real estate, bankruptcy, wills, estate planning and related litigation.

Cervantes Law Firm PC: 0 lawyers, 0 results.
Chapman and Charlebois, P.C.: 2 lawyers, 4 results.

Chapman and Charlebois, P.C. is a full service civil litigation law firm focusing on the defense of medical malpractice, oil field injury, products liability, wrongful death, employment law and construction defect claims. 

Conklin, Woodcock & Ziegler, P.C.: 1 lawyers, 1 results.
Curtis & Lucero: 2 lawyers, 4 results.
medical malpractice wrongful death nursing homes
Daniel Labinoti Law Firm: 1 lawyers, 3 results.
personal injury plaintiffs
Davis & Gilchrist, P.C.: 2 lawyers, 1 results.

Davis & Gilchrist, P.C., is a boutique litigation and trial law firm focusing on healthcare fraud and abuse, whistleblower, employment, and legal malpractice cases.

whistleblower employment legal malpractice
Davis Kelin Law Firm, LLC: 1 lawyers, 2 results.
Dixon, Scholl & Bailey, P.A.: 1 lawyers, 1 results.
Doughty, Alcaraz & deGraauw, P.A.: 4 lawyers, 11 results.
Duhigg, Cronin, Spring & Berlin, P.A.: 3 lawyers, 3 results.
Fadduol Cluff Hardy & Conaway PC: 4 lawyers, 3 results.
Ferguson Law PC: 1 lawyers, 1 results.
Freedman Boyd Hollander Goldberg Urias & Ward: 1 lawyers, 1 results.
Gallagher, Casados & Mann, P.C.: 1 lawyers, 1 results.
Garcia Ives Nowara: 3 lawyers, 2 results.
German & Associates LLC: 3 lawyers, 2 results.
Giddens | Gatton | Jacobus: 1 lawyers, 1 results.
Gorence & Oliveros, P.C.: 1 lawyers, 2 results.
Guebert Bruckner, P.C.: 2 lawyers, 5 results.
defense insurance defense
Harvey & Foote Law Firm: 2 lawyers, 1 results.
Hinkle Shanor LLP: 7 lawyers, 10 results.
Holland & Hart: 1 lawyers, 1 results.
Holt Mynatt Martinez P.C.: 3 lawyers, 1 results.
employment business insurance defense
Hunt & Marshall: 2 lawyers, 3 results.

Hunt & Marshall is located in Santa Fe and serves clients with personal injury matters throughout NewMexico. Principal attorneys Lee Hunt and Stephen Marshall are experienced trial attorneys specializing in representing individuals who have suffered harm at the hands of insurance companies, product manufacturers, the health care industry and reckless drivers.

medical malpractice
Katherine Hall PC: 1 lawyers, 2 results.
Keeler & Keeler: 1 lawyers, 1 results.
Keleher & McLeod, P.A.: 3 lawyers, 3 results.
Law 4 Small Business, P.C.: 1 lawyers, 1 results.
business trademarks intellectual property
Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith LLP: 2 lawyers, 7 results.
Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie LLP: 3 lawyers, 2 results.
Long, Komer & Associates: 0 lawyers, 0 results.
Martinez | Hart | Thompson | Sanchez: 1 lawyers, 1 results.
Martinez, Hart, Thompson, and Sanchez is an Albuquerque-based plaintiff's law firm.
McClaugherty and Silver, P.C.: 1 lawyers, 1 results.
McGinn Montoya Love & Curry: 6 lawyers, 13 results.

MCML is one of the more prominent local plaintiff firms.

medical malpractice products liability plaintiffs
Miller Stratvert Law Offices: 3 lawyers, 9 results.
Modrall Sperling: 11 lawyers, 7 results.
Montgomery & Andrews Law Firm: 3 lawyers, 3 results.
Moody & Stanford, P.C.: 1 lawyers, 1 results.
O'Brien & Padilla, P.C.: 3 lawyers, 8 results.
defense insurance defense
Parnall Law: 4 lawyers, 6 results.
plaintiffs motor vehicle accident
Riley, Shane & Keller, P.A.: 4 lawyers, 6 results.
Robles, Real & Anaya: 3 lawyers, 5 results.
Rodey, Dickason, Sloan, Akin, & Robb, P.A.: 19 lawyers, 33 results.

Founded in 1883, Rodey is one of New Mexico's oldest, largest, and most respected law firms.  Rodey has approximately 70 lawyers with offices in Albuquerque and Santa Fe.  The firm litigates primarily in defense, and has a strong business and government practice.

defense business government
SaucedoChavez, P.C.: 0 lawyers, 0 results.
Scherr & Legate: 0 lawyers, 0 results.

This is an El Paso firm that has appeared in New Mexico cases, notably the FedEx case.

Sheehan & Sheehan, P.A.: 2 lawyers, 1 results.
Silva & Associates, P.C.: 2 lawyers, 1 results.
Sommer, Udall, Hardwick, & Jones, P.A.: 1 lawyers, 2 results.
Sutin, Thayer & Browne: 0 lawyers, 0 results.
The Fine Law Firm: 2 lawyers, 2 results.
The Gilpin Law Firm LLC: 2 lawyers, 3 results.
The Law Firm of David C. Chavez, LLC: 2 lawyers, 2 results.
The Law Offices of Barry Green: 1 lawyers, 2 results.
The Law Offices of David M. Houliston: 1 lawyers, 4 results.

During his 25+ year legal career, David has worked for multi-national insurance carriers and large corporations, defending them against insurance claims. He now uses that knowledge and experience to help injured victims obtain the financial compensation that they need in order to move forward with their lives. 

The Roehl Law Firm, P.C.: 0 lawyers, 0 results.

The Roehl Law Firm, P.C. was formed in 1976 and has a general civil practice, emphasizing litigation.

The Vargas Law Firm LLC: 1 lawyers, 3 results.

This is the solo practice of Ray Vargas, a New Mexico plaintiff's attorney.

medical malpractice plaintiffs wrongful death
The Zamora Law Firm LLC: 1 lawyers, 3 results.
Valdez & White: 1 lawyers, 4 results.
Whitener Law Firm, P.A.: 2 lawyers, 1 results.
personal injury
Wray & Girard, P.C.: 1 lawyers, 1 results.
Yenson, Allen & Wosick: 0 lawyers, 0 results.
Youtz & Valdez, P.C.: 1 lawyers, 1 results.