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1-068 1983 ada administrative appeal affirmed age discrimination ambulance aortic aneurysm apd apparent agency appealed appendicitis aps assault at-will employment attempted murder attorney fees auto-repair injury bad faith balloon accident battery battery on a healthcare worker beneficiary bicycle billed versus paid breach of contract breach of fiduciary duty breach of implied contract breach of warranty burn bus cancer car chase car dealer cauda equin syndrome child child abuse cholecystectomy city civil conspiracy civil rights collateral source condemnation construction construction defect contract contractor conversion corporate shares corporate veil costs crashworthiness cyclist dairy de novo appeal dealership declaratory judgment defamation default default judgment delay in treatment dental malpractice department of corrections department of transportation design defect directed verdict disability disc herniation discrimination dismissal dogs dramshop drug rehab drugs due process dwi easement emergency room employee of independent contractor employment emtala epidural abscess estate excessive force experts failure to defend and indemnify failure to diagnose failure to give anesthesia failure to supervise minor failure to warn fiduciary duty fight fire fishtailing trailer foreclosure forfeiture fraud fraud against taxpayers act funeral home gallbladder gas geico gender discrimination good faith and fair dealing group home gynecology heart heart surgery highway hip replacement homeowner homeowners insurance hospitalist hostile work environment independent contractor infection informed consent inherently dangerous activity injunction inmate insurance insurance bad faith insurance coverage intentional infliction of emotional distress intentional interference with contract intentional interference with expectancy of inheritance intersection invasion of privacy ipra jaml joint and several liability joint venture knee replacement labor and delivery land landlord tenant legal fees legal malpractice liquor liability loss of consortium magistrate court malicious abuse of process mandamus medical malpractice medication error medmal meningitis meth minimum wage act misdiagnosis misrepresentation mjop money due motion for costs motion in limine motion to compel motion to dismiss motion to strike motor vehicle accident motor vehicle dealer franchising act motorcycle mrsa msj mtd multiple-vehicle collision negligence negligence per se negligent hiring negligent inflection of emotional distress negligent misrepresentation negligent prescription negligent retention negligent supervision negligent training neglilgence nerve compression neurologic injury new trial nmhra nursing home offer of settlement offline oil and gas open meetings act oral surgery osha overdose pedestrian personal injury pharmacy plaintiff intoxicated police post-surgical infection premises liability prescription medication pretrial detention prima facie tort prisoner probate products liability promissory note property property easements prostate cancer ptsd pulmonary embolism quantum meruit quiet title racial discrimination radiology railroad rape rear-end collision retaliation retaliatory discharge road maintenance safety of patrons premises liability sanctions seatbelt service animal act sexual harassment shooting sidewalk slip and fall spoliation of evidence. stairs statute of limitations stop sign obstructed stray voltage student violence subject matter jurisdiction subrogation successive tortfeasor summary judgment summary trial surgery t-bone collision taxi tbi todo tooth extraction tort claims act toxic torts trade secrets traumatic brain injury trespass trespassing tribal law trucking tumor uim undue influence uniform trust code uninsured/underinsured motorist unjust enrichment unm upa userra walmart waved through whistleblower will worker's compensation wound care wrongful death wrongful foreclosure wrongful termination  dangerous condition  mtbi  road maintenance  tbi